Stygar Funeral Homes' licensed funeral directors are well-versed in the special traditions of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds so we can meet the needs of each family we serve. Together, we can arrange a ceremony that celebrates the uniqueness of the life that has been lived. Sometimes that means memory tables, special musical selections or unique flowers. Sometimes it means a special eulogy or select group of casket bearers. Whatever your wishes, we can arrange a fitting service.

The compassionate, professional staff of Stygar Funeral Homes will arrange every detail - coordinating with cemeteries and clergy, even making arrangements when a death occurs out of town. You can count on us to make sure nothing is overlooked. 


The reasons people prefer cremation over traditional burial are varied. For some, it seems more environmentally sound. For others, it is a more spiritual decision. Still others are not sure why they prefer cremation, but know that they would like to have the option available to them.

Families choosing cremation may still have a funeral service, memorial service and a permanent place for loved ones to visit for years to come. Stygar Funeral Homes' funeral directors will work with you and your family to make sure the service has as many or as few of the elements of a traditional burial you desire.

We own and operate our own crematory at our Stygar Mid Rivers Funeral Home and Crematory, so your loved one never leaves our personal care.

For disposition, families may choose:

permanent possession - family or friend retains urn as cherished possession
scattering - scattering of cremated remains over a special place such as a lake, ocean or park burial/above ground entombment - placing of urn in a mausoleum, columbarium niche or grave. If you have questions about cremation, feel free to call one of Stygar's licensed funeral directors. 

Grief Resources

Grieving is a difficult process, which can take months, even years to complete. At Stygar, we understand this and are here to help.

Our on staff grief counselor David Rispoli can help you through this difficult time.

Contact him at our Stygar Mid Rivers location. Our telephone number is (636) 936-1300

Bereavement Sessions w/ Pastor Dave Rispoli
Every Wednesday in August and November from 7 pm to 8:30 pm

We will meet at Old Hickory Golf Club (in the clubhouse)
#1 Dye Club Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63304